We offer a full range of prescription and dispensing services. With compliance packaging and medicine management available.  

  • Cough, cold and flu remedies.
  • Internal Medicines.
  • Allergy and Hayfever treatments.
  • Eye Care and Contact Lens solutions.
  • PavementsignInsect Repellents and treatment of insect bites.
  • First Aid supplies.
  • Vitamins and natural health supplements:  Blackmores, Thompson, Naturo Pharm, Weleda and Clinicans.
  • Travellers Medication: Relief of diarrhoea and motion sickness.
  • Womens Health:  
    • Treatment of Urinary tract infections (UTI).
    • Emergency contraceptive pill (ECP).
    • Incontinence.

We hire out Wheelchairs, Crutches and other Mobility items.